Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

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B.I.B.L.E., Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

The Bible is one of the most informative books which I have been so fortunate to read in my few years on this planet. I have read the Holy Quaran too and have compared the two, both share very similar information.

I can not say that I actively support everything that is written in the Bible though, there are some glaring contradictions contained in it. Furthermore, I can not believe that the Almighty would be so excluding of the many forms which he himself created, as the Bible purports.

I do believe in God but do not support any fixed religion. My understanding is; that God never actually or physically wrote any books himself, therefore human man whom wrote this book was totally free to write about things he wanted to write about. My understanding is this, God said that we should follow him, he did not say that we should follow a book. This is all I have to share on this subject at this time, thank you everyone.


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Before there was books and the writen word there was God. As God is all knowing and all seeing and because he has created everything, he also has implanted a sense of himself inall of us. God does not need mere mortal words to express himself to us, now to answer your question, my belief is this, when we take time out in quiet reflection/meditation and actually tune into our heart it is then that God reveals himself and his guidance to us, it's that innate deep feeling one experiences, kinda like that litle voice inside. Not the same type of voices as may be experienced by prychotic sufferers though, God's word is far more deep seated than this, it's akin to the "sense/feeling" that we all have as children regarding right and wrong. We do not need to be taught how to have this feeling or sense, it is present from birth. I hope this has helped you to understand and has gone some way towards answering your welcomed question. Thanks very much for takingthe time to ask.<br />
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then how do you know what God wants you to do?