I Want to

I am an atheist, but how could I judge something without knowing it?

And I think it's a pretty interesting lecture.

My father told me that I should read two books: The Bible and "Das Kapital"(don't know the english name) of Karl Marx.

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One of the most important reasons why millions of reasonable people the world over read the Bible is the fact that it contains many, many highly specific prophecies that were fulfilled exactly as predicted. No other religious text holds such an esteemed distinction. Given that it's humanly ** impossible ** for anyone to predict with full accuracy what's going to occur from one hour to the next it's clear to these that Bible prophecies are not of human – thus divine - origin.

I have read the Bible several times and with each reading I get a little more understanding.... in.particular, Isaiah and revelation as they were written to the generations living in the last days

There is great truth in the Bible - and lies/ mythology and other stuff. If you use it as a road map to life you can't go wrong. I consider myself a God believer, not Christian or Buddhist or Atheist, but probably Deist. A lot of people use their religion and religious dogma to put forward their own agenda. Some become terrorists. If the world would do away with religion as it is now practiced and practice a belief in God (which equates to a belief in love) this would be a far better world.

The bible is the basis for most of the themes present in in western literature, especially older books. I think its good to be aware of whats in the bible from that stand point alone: it allows better understanding of where our culture comes from.