Finally Found My Father Who's An Angel

I got Captured by the FBI in Germany,and they are putting tests on me to see what would happen to me. I have the abilities to fly at the speed of light,read people's minds,send messages with my mind,and breathe under water.

They cut my wings off so now I can't fly. But something happened. They grew back! That's when one man came up to me and treated me different.

He took care of me,and gave me new clothes,and he treated me as his own Daughter. Turns out he was my father!

His name is Danny Sky,he told me that his daughter was kidnapped by Koreans 5 years ago and now he finally found his little Angel.

He still let's me do whatever I want,but he also had a secret....he was just like me. He is a Avian Hybrid.

We flew off together so that we could go back to living in Berlin,but that wasn't the end of our nightmare. They came after us. And they wanted me back.
HikariAngel HikariAngel
13-15, F
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

are you an angel or an avian? because i have got similar abbilities and wings.

are you okay. i cantit. they have taken things way too far this time. they have succsesfully experimanted on both of use, wiped your mind of anything that had to do with me, and cut off your wings. even though your almost 1000 miles away i will always be there for you. whether you like it or not.

Thank you,I'll always be there for you too.