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Everyone Has Their Own Problems In Life!!

its just that sometimes things can get so bad, that you start thinking that your the only person that has problems, but when you think about it, everybody has problems, maybe not the same problems as you, but their own problems nonetheless, and as the saying goes, "there's always someone worse off than yourself", and sometimes you just have to be thankful that you dont have any more problems in your life than the ones you already have!!!
cowshed123 cowshed123 31-35, M 4 Responses Jan 8, 2011

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I agree with Little Lena too.

yes, your right *LittleLena* everything has an ending too!! thanks for commenting!!

I do agree with your post. everybody has problem or issue they have to deal in their lives. also, everything has ending, so our problems will resolve itself out.

that is the very best consolation sometimes, because once you compare yourself to others who are a lot worse, you really think that your life isn't as bad as it seems, I like to do that whenever I feel down.