Again Again And Again

i haven't slept for about 4 weeks now and its killing me i get a couple of hours here and there but not much more than that..... 

well usually my nightmares are about a guy he wears tight smart clothes and hes got darkish brown hair i feel like i know this guy. i do know him but he has no face im never able to see his face a he does bad thing in the dreams he always wants to hurt me but he dosent want to kill me and i dont know why hes after me but its affecting my school work social life and home life and i dont know what to do i cant tell anyone they might think im crazy or copying my friend who has problems with voices and seeing things! there was this one dream where i was in this greenish lit warehouse and he was playing tricks on me his shadow was moving everystep i took would set something off and i would have to move which set other things off and i would run forever and he would be chasing me his laugh pierced my ears until i couldnt take it no more and i had to choose him to kill me or keep painfully running but theres been worse ones i need some advice what do i do :( 
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18-21, F
2 Responses May 7, 2012

its hard to do so

You must try to loose your fear. Your death in a dream symbolizes old attitudes that must die. Dying is not a blotting out of life, it is a transition from one state of consciousness, or life, to another.This must come to the mind and spirit in order to release the higher self.
With these warnings in your dream, try to prepare yourself through prayer and meditation to meet them in the right spirit.

Dreams that are unchanged show your resistance to change. You are being chased by your own creations. This man is an negative aspect of yourself.<br />
Stop running and confront this dream person with love.