Take Them Away

I have really bad nightmares most are about my childhood abuse others are about my failed relationships that i can never stay in but these nightmares scare me well one because i am trying to focus on my life being a christian but i have continuous nightmares that i am working for satan and that when the end of the world comes i slaughtered have of the christians and it scares me because my mama is christian despite her being lesbian and her not liking me and so are most of my friends it scares me because what if it's true what if i'm the one who is going to do those thing and hurt somebody i don't want to do that!!!
Secretgirl18 Secretgirl18
18-21, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

These type of nightmares are dangers to your ideals or higher self. They are your self's own projections (activities) which are such a nature as to bring fear. Perfect love cast out fear. Remain strong, loving and true.