Gruesome Drean, 2 Times In A Row.

I've had these 2 dreams on consecutive nights the day before yesterday and yesterday. First one starts off with me going to a swimming pool with friends just chilling you know. As always the environment in my dreams are all, dark twisted, cramped and gloomy but the activity you are doing in that environment is usually fun.

So we( my friends and I) finish swimming and stuff and eating so we go back home. On my way back home on the subway the train operator was using a fast speed for the train. I was concerned, then from the distant view I see an adult, a mother actually and her child. They were walking across the railing, with the mother holding the child's hand. I told the operator to stop! However no one around the train heard me. Before I knew it the train hits the family with full force.

         2nd Dream I head to this mansion that one of my distant relatives owned. I started living there with my grandparents, my brother and my mother. Then suddenly, a clip started playing in the dream for some reason. It starts off in a coffee shop. You have around 5 ladies sitting at the coffee shop, all employees. Suddenly one of them hears something tumbling off the stairs. Her fellow coworker goes to see what happened and asks are you ok thinking someone fell off the stairs. Much to her surprise she picks up a foot.
                  Then suddenly again it's back to my other dream within my dream. I'm in the house and for some strange reason , the owner of the house told me to wash her back. So I did because I felt obliged to for using this house. Then things get weird, I walk into this " jet plane in war" simulator thats in the middle of the room. I sat in the simulator and there is a screen showing bombs flying toward the cockpit of a plane and you feel the air and the heat. Didn't like it so I left. Then there happens to be a couple in the house, somehow related to me. There are images of the girlfriend of the man, clenching her teeth, then another pair of deformed sharp teeth appear behind her original teeth and long yellow nails grow out of her hands. Although her boyfriend couldn't see any of that. Then I heard the boyfriend say hypnotism, its no big deal. The girlfriend said help and wanted to eat the boyfriend. She kept biting her boyfriend but he thought it was cute, an act of affection. Sooner or later she got serious and followed the boyfriend everywhere. While that was happening my family said they were leaving, i asked to see who. My mom said elmo. I said Elmo is picking us up? She said. ya.
              Then as we left I saw old friends from church. We had to walk a huge flight of stairs just to get down from this mansion. One of the old friends started struggling, he felt pain walking down these stairs. The man said lets not wait for those 2 anymore, they take too long. Then I was back to the mansion, at least my vision was but I wasn't. The girlfriend kept struggling to keep her sanity and she said sorry and bit her boyfriend's neck off and I said, wow she digested it?! Shortly after there is a clip in my dream about a man at court, with camera flashes surrounding the vicinity of the court. He says, I admit to hypnotizing women into eating their husbands, and giving information to their brains telling them it was their husband that hypnotized them.

End of dream. I swear this is my dream, as complicated as it is, it happened .

I've always had messed up dreams as a kid, some probably worse than this, I've had nightmares since I was 2, ended after I was in grade 7 or something but now I think the habit( an uncontrollable one at least) is back. What is the cause of this?

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This happens to me for some periods of time. It mostly happens when I am really worried about something that I can't tell anyone about and so my dreams are extremely weird. Chaos/ darkness/ fear is what most of my dreams are ba<x>sed on when I am worried. Are you worried about something?