Strange Nightmare With Coincidence.

Ok let me start by saying something about myself. Im a teenage male (16 almost 17) and i NEVER remember any of my dreams unless they creep me out/or nightmares. Starting my dream:||||| I fell asleep a couple hours ago and dreamed a sense of something outside my house. I kept going from my back window (in the kitchen) to my front window (in the living room) looking out and checking for something. My dogs werent in this dream and neither were my grandma or mom (who i both live with) but i think there was someone with me i just cant remember who but they were scared. When i went to my front window again i noticed a man in a black car parked right infront of my house on a cell phone who ducked his head trying to hide. I went back to the kitchen window and saw nothing but a snowy backlane so i returned to the front living room window and saw the man duck his head again while on the phone. So i checked the back window again making sure nothing was there and returned to the living room to see the man crouched over infront of my couch looking for something and i immediatly stabbed him in the side with a kitchen sharp kitchen knife and he turned to me and looked like a man i met a few times my age but i cant tell forsure if it was him. I told him to leave and never come back or id kill him and he left.||||| I woke up to this dream by my dogs barking upstairs (i sleep in the basement) so i went up and checked but they were looking up the stairs to the top floor. I walked up in the pitch black and turned the bathroom light on and my grandma asked who was there. I let her know it was just me checking on the house and why the dogs were barking and they had been doingthis on and off while i was sleeping but nothing was there. My grandma told me the bathroom light (that she left on) kept turning off when she fell asleep. Usually i dont listen to my nightmares or creepy dreams but since my dogs and grandma were spooked while i was having this dream really got to me. Im hoping someone can explain to me what this means since i found very vague information about dreams. I even made this account just to find an explanation. Thanks for reading this post i didnt mean to make it so long but this dream and coincidence really spooked me.
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Hi ODO. I believe your dream and the incident that followed must be of a synchronistic kind. Most probably you had a protective kind of dream, where enough information was given so in the future you can avoid (or protect someone from) the situation shown in it, or else you lived an event in someone else's future life, and sooner or later you will hear about it. Your dream doesn't seem symbolic to me.