The Nightmare I Had Last Night Had Me Crying In My Sleep

I don't know if it was a dream, it all felt so real. I felt every emotion, I saw every detail, it even had me crying in my sleep. I woke up still crying, out of breath, nearly screaming. I am still to this hour terrified, scarred and feeling very depressed...always have but now the feeling has duplicated.
In my dream, I was fighting with my mother. She was yelling at me because she was upset with me, and I was yelling at back at her. One thing I said to her was "LOOK, DAD'S NOT HOME BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE AROUND YOU...NO ONE DOES!" and i started laughing. My brother was there and he was defending me I guess, but the fight was more between me and my mother. She yelled at me once more and ran into a bedroom. Me and my brother left to the kitchen and there was a buffet of food on the kitchen counter. I take a plate and start putting food on my plate. Suddenly, I hear a long flexed scream coming from the room my mom was in. The scream in my dream was my mom's actual scream, and I haven't heard her voice in eight months. I ran to the room crying "im coming, moman I'm comming!" but when i got to the bathroom, I saw a head with dangling long dark brown hair (my mothers) hanging on a piece of rope attached to the shower pole which holds the curtains up. I see to the left my mothers headless body, and a burning hot flat iron. I believe she flat ironed her neck, and it burned right through cutting her head off. In my dream i just held the head with the tips of my fingers looking back and forth between it and her dead body. I was crying, knowing it was all my fault, and that there was nothing I could do to bring her back. My heart filled with black regret. << understatements!!
my worst nightmare in my life. I woke up crying, panting at around 7:00 in the morning after sleeping at 1:30 in the morning. I couldn't go back to sleep or think properly. I miss my mother so much I need to see her today.

Does anyone know what this dream could mean?/translate into?
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well in a Slyvia Brown book it says it has to do with one of your past lives. I don't know if u believe in that but when we die and someone is being reborn as someone else. I dont know how long it takes for one who's past to be reborn but I guess that's what she's trying to say. Slyvia Brown is a know Psychic. She used to appear on the Montel William Show (talk show). Her book says this may have really happened but in a past life and the guilt is eating u alive now. Like Dejavu. I strongly believe in her. Her books have helped me alot with my dreams/nightmares. In the Dream Dictionary u gotta use one word to find out what it means. I need u to give me that word. Or several words and I'll look them all up. also got Dreams for Dummies and 50,000 interrupted Dreams and 2 more. I'll will continue reading and inbox u.

I know who she it :) One of my teachers told me about her
thankyou so much

we are all here for you inspire

A dream including your mother is likely a comment on your relationship with her and how it is holding you back in some area of your life now. Dreams only focus on problems in your life. Although you may have had a wonderful relationship, there are still often traits or attitudes you copied, or an influence you allow that you could do without.

To dream of your mother dying is not a warning about her death. Rather it asks you to let some negative aspect of yourself die, so that a more positive one can find expression. The negative aspect is connected with your mother, and is one that you either copied or developed as a result of your relationship. It does not matter if your mother is already dead or you have not seen her in many years. It is the effect you are carrying today that is the target of the dream. Female energy is affected by your relationship with mother and allows you to forgive, lead, listen and therefore have two-way communication. It also shapes your philosophy of life and more. The dream can be about any of these. (internet)^

Instead of my other lame post i Looked some stuff up for you on the internet hope it sheds light on your dream or helps you.

thankyou so much. This makes perfect sense actually!

Good I was new here but i tried to stand in your shoes. Became frustrating i see your point. Sorry about the terrible dream:(

i had another bad one last night. hard to explain this one. Gives me breathing problems just thinking about how to explain it. I have some things I need to fix, your're right. Hopefully ijust dont die in my sleep ahaha!!!

You will not die. Your brain seems to active to be going that route. Feel free to whisper me on any subject i can find anything :)) or at least point you in right direction. Retired war vet bored..

thankyou, ill definately keep you in mind :)

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Thats a terrible dream... but you have to realize that that wont ever happen. This is my theroy about the dream, in that short period of time you were possesded by the depression demon and he was feasting on you dispaire.

I feel like I know deep down what this dream means, but I'm afraid to believe it. I've hurt my mother very badly one and three months ago, but we saw each other for a while. Then I lost contact, she changed her num. and so i suffered and am still suffering eigh months without her. I think this dream means that I think I killed my mom... Not actually but killed her spiritually. I don't know and I'm beginning to cry again. I just feel so..... Sick to my stomach

do you live with your dad?

I have bad nightmares 2 and so scared I dont wanna go back 2 sleep. I got 3 or 4 dream books I will read about it and let u know what it has 2 say. Check n a couple of days 2 find out what I read.

Highly appreciate this thankyou!!!

no..when u weep in ur dream..u get a surprise happiness in ur real life...i know fr sure....ust relax..nothing bad is going to happen to ur mom.

thats a relief!

My worst nightmare came true last year when I dreamed that my childhood crush got engaged to someone else and when I woke up a few hours later I went on my facebook page and the first thing I saw was my childhood crush did get engaged indeed and that just crushed my heart. He got married yesterday and I'm really crushed now more than ever :(

oh no :( I'm so sorry to hear that! you should have made a move! :(
so maybe my mom died!!!!!!!!?
and theres no way can find out, I dont have her number, email or nothing.

Do not FEAR the most common comment on worst dreams is DEATH. This is hardly the case. I am a Alien and i can tell you this. First vivid dreams Can be caused by alot of bio and phys things as well. Pregnancy, medications, depression amongst other things. Spicy foods etc. But in your circumstance i see a part of you is fighting with yourself in deciding your feelings for your mother. Wether true or not true. Best answer. Spend a couple dollars to seek out your mother. No matter what. Call her write her email and say this" I love you please forgive me and i forgive you of all your wrongs against me" Something like that. Do not let your feelings get the best of you.

amazing advice! I will

No spicy food for me

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