Repeating Nightmares..

Hi there..

Uhm i dont realy know how to start.. also i never realy spoke to anyone about those dreams.. but they repeat more often lately.. and maybe someone knows whats the reason behind..

Those nightmares started after my girlfriend died in an car accident infront of my eyes..

i have 2 dreams, different of each other but still feels like they hang on 1 chain..

1st dream:

I knee in a room, not realy a big one.. the walls, the roof and the floor are white..
I see myself knee there naked, not moveing, just stareing at the wall infront of me, can see tears on my cheek..

this keeps on, and usually i wake up during night.. but fall asleep fast again

then im still in same situation. still kneeing there, still naked, same room and all.. except 1 thing.. the walls are covered with some red liquid.. same for the roof and the floor..
the view comes closer to me and i see in my own eyes.. gazing and wide open.. red liquid drops on my nose..slow i see myself turn my head towards the roof.. the view is locked in same angle .. so i see in my own eyes all the time.. as im looking directly above me my eyes gaze even a little more.. and i see something in them like in a mirror.. a girl.. then the view turns rapidly into myself so i see what my eyes see.. a girl, brunette hair, about 10 years old hanging up there like in that movie where that girl crawls up the wall.. only thing different this girl is hanging up there like if it was laying on the floor.. its also covered with that liquid.. it rinns down her nose and drops down to me..
The answer comes up in my mind.. my mouth is opening to scream.. blood

Thats my first nightmare which i had the most.. it feels so realistic afterwards like if it realy happend..

2nd dream:

im at a graveyard.. i dont have a body, its like in first dream, like a spectator..
its stormy, thunder is breaking the silence loud.. lightnings go through the night..i "fly " over teh yard.. to a girl.. black hair with grey behind that girl.. she knees infront of a grave.. slow the view moves around that im infront.. that woman looks old, but isnt.. mid 20s max.her hands cling in the earth of the grave.. its me.. i feel the lonelyness and pain..i dont know where that pain comes from.. then the view turns around again to the grave.. "rest in piece laura" is written there.. there is a picture aswell.. its the girl of the other dream.. and i just know its my daughter..

and thats it.. enough for my taste.

the reason why i finaly post this is.. its 23:32 to me (11:32 pm) and i just woke up after dreaming the first dream.. and im afraid to sleep and fall into it again..
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I'm really sorry you are having these dreams, but lots of people will have recurring nightmares for a little while after a traumatizing experience like the loss of a loved one :( I'm really sorry that they were also the kind of dream where you wake up really confused because they were so realistic :/ I hate getting those! I've had one similar to the first dream you'd described, and I don't think it's anything too serious, just sort of like a visual reflection of strong feelings (especially because it was in second person). I would think that being in a white room in a dream says that you're feeling lost or isolated. All of the walls are the same, and no matter which way you turn, there doesn't seem to be any way to determine which way is the right way to go. The fact that you were naked in your dream was probably a result of feeling uncomfortable, exposed, stolen from, or feeling like something that you had to fight for, protect, or have pride in was taken from you :/ hope I helped explain a couple of those symbols, and I hope that your dreams become more pleasant :)