Theme Park of the Dead

Hi, this is my first time on here. I had a really strange dream about a month ago. It went like this:

I was at a theme park in Texas with my family, and we were about to get on a rollercoaster. This rollercoaster was supposedly the first ever built, made in the 1800's. While riding on it, we almost fell off several times becaus it was very unstable. When it was done the ride operator told a story of how a similar family to ours died after falling off the rollercoaster about 150 years ago, right when the ride was built. As me and my family were leaving through the exit tunnel to go to the rest of the park, we saw the ghosts of that old family who died waiting by the exit door and smiling.

strangedays strangedays
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Hi strangedays :)<br />
I'm scared of rollercoasters in general. Luckily they're not all like this. What did the ghosts look like? Just regular people, but transparent?