This was probably one of my scariest dreams. It happend last night.

I jumped off a bridge and into the water below me and everything went white.
I thought I died and was going to heaven!
I was floating towards a blinding light and saw a giant skeleton in front of me. It was floating in the dark red sky and the skeleton grabbed me with his boney fingers and swallowed me.
I fell and fell and fell into darkness
But within the darkness contained memories from my childhood. Like it was flashing right before me.
I reached the bottom where I was sinking into I guess darkness and everything went black.
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Well the bridge is just a point in life, a decision.

The white water is your emotionsfeelings just be caught in them.

The blinding light with skeleton hand is others reactions or jus opinions.

And the childhood memory is concept of being oneself and not caring.
Totall darkness
2015 is gonna have a lot trials and tribulations that are gonna test your character......

Don't be afraid to talk to family....
But honestly the best thing about a downfall is the preparation for hitting the bottom and knowing what to do in every situation.
This. Builds character and makes an individual stronger.

So basically your dream was about maturing :)

Whoa, I think your right! :D

: ) ,