Loud Dreams

I occasionally have nightmares that I've affectionately dubbed "Loud Dreams" in which a sound, usually unrelated to the actual dream, will increase in volume until I wake up. The first and simplest of these was a short half-sleep dream I had as a child which featured a buzzing sound that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was like flies were in my ears.

The worst of these dreams occurred a year after my grandmother's passing. I was lying down on a couch in my cousins' house, we were lazing around in the summer heat. My aunt got up and said she'd bring some drinks in, then left the room. She walked behind me as she came back into the room and when I turned to her, she was my grandmother. She just stood there, holding a tray with a single glass of water, smiling down at me. I opened my mouth to say something and she just started screaming. The whole dream seemed to erupt into this horrible shrieking...it was like her mouth was right up against my ear.

When I woke up, my ears were ringing. I couldn't hear anything in my room.



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My dreams have been kinda in a way the same, except it's me in a pitch dark room, seems to be as if a warehouse but with absolutely no features, there are walls, but in a faint black color, it's awful because I hear disembodied mumbling very quietly, and then it multiplys to what it sounds like 2 of the same mumbling.. And the so on, over and over, it then gets undescribebly loud. This has scared me all my life and even now at age 19 I'm terrified to have that seeming recurring dream. I hope I'm not the only one having this awful dream -Ben

I think night terrors are usually more violent. People will thrash and sweat profusely. That's one of the reasons I was initially confused by these dreams, they didn't seem to fit any documented descriptions.

The noise and sleep paralysis seem to be the major defining attributes of these dreams, though. I haven't checked this site in a while, but your comment in my email pulled me back :)

I'm happy to talk about this more with you, especially if it helps in any way.

I had one of these last night and was soo frightening. What the worst part was that I woke up into another dream where the wind/whistle sound staeted all over again, starting to build up rapidly. I jolted awake in fear and paralyzed from the amoumt of terror experienced. Once I calmed down and layed my head back down to go back to sleep, as I could feel myself falling back asleep I could faintly hear the sound as if it was waiting for me to fall asleep again, I again jolted myself to ensure I would remain awake then I stayed up for the rest of the night. Truely scary. But it is good to hear that there are others experiencing this. This definitely isnt my first time, and I dont get them to often. But when I do experience them they are extreme. (First time I couldnt function properly and my body was shaking in fear and stayed home from school). Are these more like nightterrors?

That's given me something to think about. I wish I could remember more details about the dreams themselves so I could answer your question. It could be that I've repressed some memories or feelings that are trying to surface. I don't think I have, but I can't imagine anything else being traumatic enough to result in a diversion that is more frightening and confusing than a standard nightmare would be. <br />
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I've had disturbing dreams that have not resulted in being woken up by the noise. Having said that, I don't think I was even partially aware I was dreaming at the time. But then there are instances where the dream is entirely convincing of waking life, those dreams that seem too grounded and simple that there's just no reason to question whether it's real or not. You feel comfortable. Then something will disturb that, either a person or ob<x>ject that clearly doesn't belong. As soon as I try to make sense of it, there's either screaming or rushing air.<br />
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Yes, dreams are more interesting to talk about than hear. I'll be quiet now :P<br />
I'll keep in mind what you said.

You know how dream scenarios change in an instant...I'm curious as to whether there is something about to happen in your dream that your dreaming mind doesn't want to see, and perhaps the sound is a diversion, the intensity of which grows with the urgency to press the escape button...?

Yes! The rushing wind sound has been very common for me, more specifically during interruptions in lucid dreams or in that weird sleep paralysis state. The difference I've found with this feeling is it doesn't start quietly, there's never any sense of it sneaking its way in, and it's never present in the dream beforehand. It just explodes in my ears and everything feels like it's rushing past.<br />
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Using the buzzing sound as an example, in the dream I was aware of the sound before it woke me up. It gave me the opportunity to focus on the noise, identify it, and consider it. In hindsight, this is probably what causes these sounds or feelings to seemingly amplify themselves. Focusing on them.<br />
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The rushing air is different. Either forcing myself awake, or being frightened awake. That's usually when I hear/feel it.

I had similar dreams to your buzzing one all the time when i was a kid. it stopped when i was in highschool. But mine wasnt buzzing it would always be like wind type noises that got louder and louder or it would be someone saying something and it would get louder and angrier and sometimes the person or thing making the noise would also get bigger and bigger and tower over me it seemed. I used to always wakeup sweating and my heart racing when those would happen.

Thanks for the insight :) <br />
I've laughed myself awake once...but never anything else. My nightmares tend to be paralyzing. <br />
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I agree with you about the realisation of her being dead, dreams are funny like that.

Yikes! That's a scary one. I think that when we dream about people who have passed, particularly if we miss them, our subconscious creates a scenario in which we meet them. Maybe the scream was in reaction to the realization that she was dead. <br />
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Have you ever screamed or cried yourself awake? One of my worst recurring dreams is the one in which I see my sister die, usually from a fall. I've only had this dream three times, and each time I've wakened myself with my own sobbing. My sister is 14 years older than me, and at 15 had to quit school to babysit me so our mother could go back to work. For a time when I was little I called her 'Mom'. Our mother passed away 7 years ago. Soon after that I had the first dream.