A Strange Night With Dad...

I found myself walking through a forest, or maybe an old campground, it was a nice sunny autumn day i could smell the leaves, i saw a bus full of elementary school kids, they looked like they were having so much fun, there laughter rang through the air.

All of a sudden that view was gone, and it was nighttime, cold...and something felt very wrong, i turned around and where the school bus used to be, was my dads old black toyota truck. Hanging slightly off the back of the truck was the limp arm of a child...i walked closer and realzed with horror that there was at least a dozen dead bodies of the children that were on that school bus earlier.

Next thing i knew i was at my parents home, my dad had dug a 7 foot pit in the middle of our yard, he was going to bury the kids. i sat down beside the massive pile of dirt he had dug up...i couldnt bring myself to actually help him, to touch them. I was in such shock...i couldnt believe that MY dad had killed them, but i knew it was true...i started sobbing sitting there by the pile of dirt watching my dad drop them into the pit...i felt so horrible..i grabed my dads hand and asked him if he felt bad at all for what he did (like i wouldve felt better if he felt something) he said nothing, just pulled his hand away and kept working...

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

wow thats pretty wild. im thinking theres more to your relationship than meets the eye. I had a dream my dad nad i where sitting talking in a craddle suspended above the roof of a house on a nail. i got the feeling he didnt mind this but i had to do somthing?<br />
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Dreams are amazing they make u feel guilty for having them but all to often they mean somthing from your deepest fears. try to rationalise it in turms of loving your father and i bet you get the answer.