Zombies... :'(

I found myself in another big town, it was a nice place. I was staying in this huge house it seemed kind of old fashioned but built tough. i went out for a bit and came back to the house and there was sooo many people there! there was like a nurses section in the left part of the house right after you come in, they were  set up at a few blue tables trying to figure out what was wrong with people, a lot of them seemed sick at least thats what we all thoght untill they started to eat other people! they were zombies! and they were everywhere! those of us who were stil human tried to fight them off, i killed so many of them...i put axes through them, twisted their necks...smashed thigs over their head..ANYTHING i could do to make them stop moving..it was terrifing, people were screaming everywhere and the battle just went on and on...at last..i found myself alone in this house...blood was everywhere...people i had become fond of were dead, people i knew from school were mutilated on the ground beside me.... and thats when i heard a tap tap tap at the door..and my grandmother walked in..i tensed and told her to stay right there..i didnt have anything on me now to fend her off if she was a zombie....she looked horrible..he hair was thinner..and a disaster..she had extremly drak bags under her eyes...and i just couldnt be sure if she was okay or not..untill she spoke to me and started crying  she said "your grandfather is gone, i have been so lonely without him" at that point i heard something else by the door, and i saw it was my friend kailee...except she was changing...i refused to let her in..she didnt say one word to me..her eyes were glazed over and she was just staring off in space...there was a gate seperating her from us, and somehow i knew she couldnt get past it so we were safe. i then went and hugged my Nanny, i cried with her and just held her...it would only be the two of us left alive from now on so we would have to stick together(

pinknailpolish89 pinknailpolish89
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2010