My Nightmares Spill Over Into My Personal Life

I had a number of nightmares that genuinely scared me.  I had one where I was walking down a road to my house.  It was overcast and dark, and everything was all cold and gray.  The ground was moist and covered in dark puddles.  There were black trees everywhere.  The clouds were moving too fast.  I felt small and alone.  Then I started hearing this wailing sound and I saw flying shapes in the sky.  Then I woke up sweating and terrified.  I couldn't get back to sleep and I felt sick through most of the next day.  Another time I had this nightmare where my dad gave me this can.  I opened it, and there was this... pickled fetus inside.  The worst part was, when I took the lid off, a chunk of the fetus's head came off with it.  These nightmares are making me feel depressed, paranoid, aloof and generally detached from reality.  My social and academic lives suffer.  Any interpretations or advice?

mankow mankow
22-25, M
Mar 1, 2010