Running From The Police While Taking Vicodin

I just woke from this nightmare. I was taking prescription rx's that were sent from an opposite sorority house. I have been out of college for many years and was not in a sorority.  The dream was I was taking the vicodin and other rx's while being chased by police knowing I was going to die from the overdose. I woke up in sweat or rather a damp t shirt. I was running from them and kept hiding only for them to find me and let me go then start chasing me again. I started taking another prescription hoping I would die sooner and the chase still continued. I think I will stay awake now and am drinking coffee. I have terrible nightmares all the time and think I know what caused this one but thought it was over a while ago.

dreamcatcherj dreamcatcherj
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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I hardly ever sleep. I even talk or yell myself awake and often knock the lamp down on my table. It's costing me a fortune in Seriously though I just went through detox from twenty years of xanax for my anxiety-agoraphobia and that wtas horrible-night sweats terrible nightmares. When they discharged me they put me on Klonopin with these other new meds and they were not working so I got this older xanax prescription refilled and all of it is still giving me terrible nightmares. I had a rough growing up so I still have nightmares about that. I would say as your username states I am emotionally stunted as my social awkwardness keeps me in the house because of my fears. I have also had nightmares but they are really bad now. Thanks for the hugs. : ) Thanks for reading the story and the comment.