Went To The Doctors

I went to the doctors and he said its nothing but a late growth spurt and I should be fine! He said if they keep growing I may want to get a breast reduction.... You should have seen his face when he seen these pups lol (Priceless)
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...as all men's faces are when confronted with Big Globes of Pure Heaven !!!

scaring white ppl....nice...I like you

I would've liked to have seen his face when you told him No scaple is going to tuch these babys

You probably often get such surprised looks, I guess this excited you :) First I thought he was surprised as you told him you DON'T want a reduction, but yes it must surprise anyone to see your wonderful breasts ! I know I'd be worshipfully surprised.

scaring white ppl huh??....I like you


your going up my cool list

Haha your on mine too :)

oh Spank You!!!

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Gah, the dreaded R word D: