Some People Need A Life

Many people who meet me in real life or even on ep know I am a open-minded person, I can be very understanding and respect everyone/don't judge but it takes a lot to upset me. However, if people start to troll me or are rude and  just ignorant trying to prove a point fighting me I will block them...really I don't need to fight with any man/women on ep cause they can't respect anyone not even me as a person. My block party is getting bigger but no worries cause I don't feel one bit bad sending people there cause they won't learn nothing. And some of the reasons why I put them there is cause they take little subjects or comments I put that are just my option nothing more and try to call me a liar or start fights blowing things out of proportion like little children its just ridiculous. A lot of the time I get other people's belief's pushed down my throat and won't put up with it if they can't learn to respect and I mean that in a general way then I don't want anything to do with them period.
Alex1993 Alex1993
18-21, T
Sep 9, 2012