My office has a "Secret Santa" at Christmastime each year. The only stipulations were that the game is “voluntary only” and the gift must be valued between fifteen and twenty dollars. I am a huge Jim Carey fan. One of my closest co-workers is also one of my best friends and he knows this as we have attended a lot of Jim Carey movies together in the last 15 years. The year that “The Grinch”came out in the movie theaters he drew my name. As I arrived to the office party, my friend was already there and very excited about his package. Well we came to the gift opening portion of the party and everyone took turns opening their gift to oooohs and awwws. When I opened the package I found a Grinch stuffed toy that said all these “Grinch sayings” from the movie. You could hear the gasps in the room when I opened the present. I thought it was a great present because he knew how much I loved the Grinch, but a few of our co-workers took him aside later at work and told him he was rude for giving me such a gift. I still have the Grinch on my desk, but now it is in my home office. I guess offensive really is a subjective point of view.


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Lol - I think a request for modelling would have given away the "secret" part of the exercise! :)

I did, but it was funny.

Edible panties? Did he or she ask you to model the panties for them? <br />
<br />
I love the Grinch because I see him as representing evolution in humans.

My office Secret Santa gave me edible panties last year. Does that count as insulting? I wasn't insulted.

I would be honoured to recieve a Grinch of some kind.