But It Was Pretty Funny =)

Another "Secret Santa" victim here. For a number of reasons (none of them actually valid), since I started work at my current job there have been a number of rumours that I'm a lesbian. Doesn't bother me, of course - except that it's not true!

Christmas 2007, we all sat around the boardroom to unwrap our Secret Santa gifts... imagine my surprise (or not) when I opened mine to find a 'Grow Your Own Girlfriend' - one of those little sponge-like dolls that you put in water, and it grows to six times its size. Awesome... just when the rumours were starting to die down!!

I knew who it was from straight away, and I appreciated that it was rather amusing (though a little more for everyone else than for me). We canned Secret Santa in 2008, in favour of a charity morning tea for our local City Mission - so I was spared the embarrassment of another lame 'gay' gift.

Don't get me wrong, I was not actually upset and I certainly don't mind others having a laugh - the issue is that a number of the people we work with are rather old-fashioned and (even more so) narrow-minded. They took the whole thing quite seriously, and as homosexuality is clearly something that some of them don't approve of, they haven't been particularly nice about it.

I guess the upshot of that is - the gift itself, and even the rumours, were not all that insulting - but I did discover what a bunch of wangers I work with!!!



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Well, I am a lesbian and damn proud of it. I love women. I love everything about women. I am out of the closet. I am a lesbian traped in a man's body.

Right-O Sevvy and Poodle: At least you exposed the jerks in your office, and can relax and laugh at yourselves. Sad thing is, the jerks can't. So, as you know, we don't need any retaliation (I'm not saying that's what you seek, you don't seem to, because...); these folks are so worried about how they appear to others, they can't own themselves or their fun side! Too sad! <br />
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In college, I was called a lesbian, too...by a guy that I refused to have sex with. I thought it was funny, and kept it to myself until the rumours got back around to me - by at least 10 women who similarly refused this wanna-be-pimp-daddy, (with and without boyfriends), were accused by him of the same thing. We picketed his dorm room with him there, laughing and bringing him cookies and pop - all in good fun. He stopped thinking he needed to prove something- and married one of my room-picketing friends.