Actually would love to learn more.
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It is not that difficult. Just go to a supermarket and buy Tampax tampons, they are easy to bring in with the applicator. Just do not leave it in too long or you will have difficulties to get it out

How do you know when "too long" is about to happen? Had tampon in this afternoon and it was an awesome feeling. Can't wait to try second one, probably tomorrow.

It is an awesome feeling, indeed, but, as it takes fluid out of your intestines, it can be stuck inside. To get it loose you have to put a water hose in your butt and fill your intestines with water, if that doesn't work (because the tampon gets thicker) you have somthing to explain at the first aid. As most women do (at least those I know) 3 hours is maximum

Having inserted a tampon for the first time yesterday it is indeed an awesome feeling. My concern about removal was laid aside when it came out easily while I sat on the bathroom seat. This morning another will go in and I will take your advice about the 3 hour maximum - sure would not want to do any explaining.