The Last 24 Hours..

Have been filled with a quest for ****! Not only pictures, but videos, and drawings, and with a little luck maybe some for me! Everyonce and a while I get REALLY horny out of no where, and I have an extreme craving for ****. I have barely gotten to explore my Bi-sexual side and everyonce and a while I overflow and begin question to get myself laid. I am curious to see if anyone else out there is obsessed with getting some ****.

Kyle11287 Kyle11287
18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 14, 2009

I'm a guy that also has the same urges for a ****, however I have had the pleasure of having one in my mouth.<br />
There is nothing like it. The texture the smell. Just seeing it in your face. Licking it and sucking it till it explodes in your mouth is so wonderful.

I seem to be obsessed lately with the idea of stroking and sucking a ****. I often wake up at night dreaming about the same thing. However, it isn't the man attached that interests me, just his manhood. I am often thinking about it and wonder how someone like me could arrange the experience with complete anonymity.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I had an experence when I was young and then started getting very interested again about 10 years ago. I love looking touching and feeling a ****. I am not sure what it is about one but I do know I enjoy them and what they are attached to a,lot.

I can relate to your urges. I more often then not feel the same way. But, When I do find some watch out.