Exciting And Well Written

This series is now in it's 6th season !

A friend introduced me to this TV series because it is particularly well written and researched.  It explores many myths and legends from a variety of cultures. In season 4 they explored the Christian Old Testament, and I was amazed at the degree of research the writers had included.   I realize of course that the series is fiction, but it is nice to see it built around some fact.

The creater is also obsessed with music from the 1970's!   Much of the humour is gained from an odd line from an old tune scattered throughout the show.
The two main actors carry the show and the characters grow in complexity as the seasons progress.  

I have been guilty of sitting up all night and watching an entire season as a marathon, with a large bucket of popcorn.

Ahhhh the things we do when we can't sleep

EDIT:  Season 6 has started and you wont believe the 'twists' in the story/plot   - compelling view
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4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

It is addicting! OOOOOOOOOOOH! Sadly I haven't been able to see season 6 yet. Not enough time in the day for me at the moment. LOL

I never have time to follow this series, I just make time to watch mentalist and house.<br />
<br />
I will try to squeeze it in my night, thank you for the recommendation

They should have YOU advising on the storyline - great ideas !

I once spent an entire day watching season 5 lol, nut I skipped the episodes I didn't like. Swan Song was certainly a shocker, wasn't it? I love Archangel Michael in real life, but he was made to look like a bit of a **** this season, though I know he was just trying to do his father's wished.<br />
Speaking of whom, I really hope God comes into season 6. Like, Sam and Dean are talking, and Sam tells dean he had retreived the amulet from the bin when Dean had dumped it, and then the amulet begins to burn...that would be awesome! Lol xx