First Time Sounding

I've been interested in sounding for some time but hadn't taken the leap. That is until I saw a picture of a man doing this act. I immediately went online and ordered a set of 8" sounds.

After receiving the express mail package, I was thrilled to see the many sizes. I cleaned them very well and sterilized them as best I could then got to it. I didn't want to begin with the smallest as it appeared too thin and it might scrap the inner skin.

I applied sterile lube to the gland opening and the sound and let the weight of the metal slide in. I immediately became erect as the steel began to disappear. I was afraid of going too deep that I wouldn't be able to retrieve it. The more I got turned-on the deeper I let it go until all 8 inches were buried in my shaft and the bottom end was pressing at the opening of my bladder. The feeling was incredible. As I stroked the shaft, I could feel the metal sliding up and down. I couldn't hold back any longer and exploded--shooting the sound like a bullet along with white goo until I was drained.

What a great experience!
Erodman Erodman
46-50, M
Sep 25, 2012