Omg! She Killed My Hair!!!!!!!!

I hate getting my hair cut. That's why I haven't gotten it cut since I was 8. I have dark blonde hair that is in at my waist, before now. I barely ever do anything with it because it takes FOREVER! WAY TOO LONG! So after being told soooooooo many times, I finally was going to get my hair cut. I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love. So, I was going it cut to my boobs. Just in the middle of my chest. My mom's best friend had just gotten her hair dressing degree, and she was talking to me, and said, I could cut you hair! So, I said yes, and she came over the next day to cut my hair.

 I gave her an idea of the hairstyle I really wanted. It was around my chest with lots of layers and funky bangs. She started to cut my hair, but since I didn't have mirror (mine had broken a few weeks before.) I couldn't see what she was doing. Finally, I heard her whisper something under her breath after two hours. I touched the side of my hair, and felt around. It went down to my chin on the left. On the right, it was 2 inches higher than the other side. I smiled and said it wasn't a big deal. She left right before I broke down in tears. My hair is terrible now! It's a pixie cut now. And, I can't change my bangs now. They are too short now. :( I miss my old waist length hair!
DaniLove58 DaniLove58
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Hairstylists... Pfft. I know they ask us what we want, but it seems like they have their own ideas about what it should look like, and cut it like that instead. :/ Hang in there! Have you considered extensions?

AHHH babe, thats ****. BUT cheer up short hair is amazing and i going get a boy cut soon sooo... xx