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when i started high school, i really wanted to change my look somehow. i decided my hair would be the best route for that. i'd had the same super long hair for years, and i was sick of it just hanging around all the time. i hadn't been to a salon in years, i just trimmed the ends myself at home, but i decided that getting a new style was a job for a professional. i spent a few weeks looking for someone in my area who i felt comfortable going to, but to be honest i was pretty attached to my hair and wasn't sure if i was really ready to get it cut.

a few weeks after school started i went to my cousin's wedding, and her brother was there with his new girlfriend. we got to talking, and said she liked the way i wore my hair, and i told her i'd been thinking of getting it cut but didn't really trust any of the salons. "really?" she said. "because i'm just starting hairdressing school, and i'd be happy to do it for you. it'd be great practice." i'd never met her before that day, but she was very nice and seemed really enthusiastic about it, so i told her ok.

a week later, she came by my house after school and we got down to business. i had very long hair, and i'd settled on getting it cut to my shoulders, so i was sitting there for a while and everything seemed fine, until i heard the dreaded word: "uh-oh." not something you want to hear from a girl who's taking scissors to your hair. i looked in the mirror and realized that the right side of my hair was just above my shoulder, while the left side was a few inches below my earlobe! "i'm so sorry," she said. "i was trying to even that side off, i didn't mean to take off that much." she offered to finish up the longer side, but i told her it was ok, to just leave it. i actually spent the next two months walking around with my head tilted to one side, hoping no one would notice my lopsided hair! yeah, i'm sure i didn't look awkward at all!

i laugh at it now, although it was beyond mortifying when i was an insecure 14-year-old. as for my cousin's girlfriend, i didn't hold any hard feelings toward her. she went on to finish hairdressing school and now co-owns a salon. don't worry, she's come a very long way from then and is now awesome at what she does!

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even after my hair grew back to an even length, i still walked around with a crooked neck for a while, just because i was so used to it, lol! i had to retrain myself to sit up straight.<br />
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ooh, i've never had my hair short enough to reach the point of neck shaving. that makes me shiver just to think about!

aww, i'm sorry! bad haircuts are a rite of passage, i think we get them at some time or another. i've had a few others i wasn't wild about, but this one was by far the worst!