I've gotten a lot of bad haircuts. The two worst were as follows:

I went to the very expensive hair place in town. I wanted a little bit cut off but not much. The lady turned me around as sort of a "surprise" I guess. She cut off seven inches. I had, roughly, three strands of hair left. It was not pretty. Surprise!

The second was not that long ago. I've already complained about it elsewhere... Basically, my mom was tired of my shaggy hair (I was trying to grow it out) so she sat me down and cut most of it off. What remained was hair in the shape of a helmet. Again, not pretty.


kleisse kleisse
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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

At least it grows back! And there are definatly some stylish hats out there!

Be glad you don't have my hair. I for the love of god do not know how to control it.

Thanks for that. I guess your name suits you well.

Just get over it!!!!!!