I'm Too Young to Look Like Jane Fonda.

I had Alice in wonderland waist length blonde hair and blunt bangs. I decided I wanted to grow my bangs out and shorten my lenth. I told the stylist to bring then length to three inches below my shoulders and layer the back. She feathered the bangs ok, but then she cut it to my shoulders even and layered it from the top of my ears ALL THE WAY AROUND MY HEAD. So now my beautfil long hair wings out like Jane Fonda, and I can't tame it, and the late in the day it gets the more it sticks out. By 7 PM The shortest layer is almost straight out from my head. I want to cry. I'm growing my hair out so the shortest layer is to my shoulders and having cut even, and maintaining that single length FOREVER.

Alwaysalady Alwaysalady
4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

best of luck to you in finding the right person...

i also cant find a hair dresser to cut my curly thick hair. my shairdresser moved away she was great. she also wrote instruction how to cut my hair and wrote listen to your client she is shornot crazy. needless to say cant find a good haircut since she left mt hair is short to shorter

some crazy woman cut my hair into some mullet-y disaster once. i thought i might kill myself.

hairdressers can be so frustrating! you tell them one thing, and then they go off on their own and do something totally different than what you asked for. (no offense to all the fine stylists out there, though!)