End Of The World

So as a junior in highschool I would have nothing but nightmares. One stays in my head as if it really happened. It was the end of the world. Everything in sight was on fire as if maybe a bomb had gone off and exploded everything. The sky was red and huge winged beast were flying in the air.Some were on the ground eating people and destroying already destroyed items. I was just looking at everything. I was on top of a hill seeing everybody running for their lives from these beasts. The were really big. As big as houses. Black as night. They never once looked at me.I was terrrified but I didnt hide.I just looked at everything happening. One came up to me and then I woke up. Ive never explained this dream before.
Daphney1001 Daphney1001 18-21, M 2 Responses Feb 5, 2012

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In a few hours, I'll use my Cineworld Unlimited Cinema Card to see Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

I'm fascinated to see how much, if any, endtime Bible prophecy is in the movie

From the trailer I saw weeks ago, it neglects to say that we all need The Friend Of Sinners: the Lord Jesus Christ

Don't miss the instant airlift Rapture rescue of all who love Jesus, in good time, before the worst time ever comes

See Matt 24:30-42 & 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11 @

Yep Alien Invasion - sounds pretty end of the world to me LMAO... If you are into new age stuff and starseed/indigo theories... Fact is we already have some serpentine "alien" race on Earth called reptilians... (If you want to look it up).

Nevermind the aliens, in fact all humans sometimes acts like Beasts destroying other people, seeking nothing but to trample over other men just to survive and get out on top...

Did we ever have a civilized world? Or was that just an illusion, meaning it was the end of the world since "civilization began" man creating hell on Earth for himself and others.

Every man is capable to act all "savage"... In the real world people are more savage, destructive and evil than loving, uplifting and good.