Purgatory (i Think?)

This is a Dream that occurs atleast once or twice a month, sometimes every day for a week. It takes place on an island, that is populated with the dead, and everyone tries to escape from it. I even speak to some people in this dream, and they tell me how they died. I'll describe the Island first.

It is triangle shaped. On the East side, there is a beach, with an endless ocean. On the North Side, there is a city on a cliff that overlooks the ocean. The west side is different. There is a massive wall, and beyond that wall is nothing. It is an empty void. A Forest is in the middle of these features, and there is a tower that reaches into the clouds on the north side.

Like I said earlier, the place is populated with the dead. Well, they look very much alive, but I just know that they are all dead. There are also literally thousands of them. Many of them are suspended in place, never moving. Others aimlessly wander the Island. Others still try for all eternity to escape the island, whether its swimming out into the ocean, throwing themselves off of the cliffs. Many jump off of the Wall and float into the Void. They are always unsucessful, and end up where they started.

I always try to escape the island in my dream, usually by trying to reach the top of the tower. I always wake up before I manage to reach the top aned open the doors, always. There are many people who help me, and they change every time I have a this dream again. The manner in which they died also changes every time I have this dream again. One person says they were hit by a horse carraige. Another says that she threw herself infront of a moving car. Another says that they jumped off of a burning tower so as to get a quick death. Another says that he was beheaded for stealing. Another says that he died of electric shock. Another says that they died because they refused to bow before their 'lord'. It goes on and on.

This isn't exactly a dream that bothers me much, except for the part where I talk to the dead, and the dead tells me how they died. It also seems to not matter what time period is is either, they all gather here. anyone care to interpret?
Chrispy0 Chrispy0
May 6, 2012