They Keep Coming Back

I have had really bad nightmares for the past 6years and they keep coming back. The longest they lasted was 6weeks and in that time I had about 12hours sleep in total. they terrify me and effect my life in every way. I woke on saturday morning after being asleep for only 3hours shaking and unable to move. I called out to my partner who was in the living room who barely heard me. I dream about my family dying and becoming zombies or disappearing. its horrible and they won't stop. my friends have also been in a lot of them. The dreams are so out of control that when I have one I keep myself awake for as long as I can. I can go 2 days without sleep and its getting worse again. My counsellor doesn't know what she can do to help me with them. I clear my mind before I sleep but it doesn't work :(
MessedUpGirl MessedUpGirl
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1 Response May 15, 2012

ur not the only 1 <br />
my partner has got nightmares sinds 15 years and theres a man without a face and hurts him and the family burning the house down with all of us in exept my husband ..putting my son in hospital with a bad sicknis ..he fights in his sleep with him and ill have to wake him up as im next to him in bed and dont want to be hit there any help you know we can get ..