The Man

This dream has been haunting me for years. I dont know how long. I think I started having them since I was 11 i am now 16. Its never the same exact dream but it always has the sam purpose.

I always start out somewhere I feel safe. Then i see this man. I never had seen his face. I only see the back, and side of him. he always kills me. In the worst of ways. he never kills me quickly, its always me dying slowly and painfully.Once he pushed me in a tub of acid, another time he set my parents on fire and made me watch them burn. Then he would do the same to me. The two that really scares me are: He takes me to the everglades and puts my body in a woodchipper and sprays my body all over the glades. the other one is the latest one.This one has occured mulitipule times and it makes me wake up sweating, in tears, and i can barely breathe. He beats and rapes me tells me im a no good ***** and no one would ever love me. When he rapes me he hurts me and puts things in places thatshould go. Like rolling pins and paper towel holders. He pours a pure substances all over my body, ties bolders to the bottom of my feet, ties up my hands and throw me into the ocean. the substance he pours on me reacts with water to create a burning senasation. So its like im burning and drowing at the same time. Everytime i try to wake myself up but it never works. I can't seem to. i always have these dreams. Every single night. I tried staying up because I dont like to have these. i want help but no one ever believes that a dream can be a gateway to things that come into real life. i really don't know who this amn is. he doesn't look like many people i know but it still scary.
Teyiah Teyiah
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are you still having the dreams? sounds like you are being tormented by a demon. idk if you know Jesus or not, but he can deliver you from this." I pray that you send a thousand fighting angels to protect her and continue to speak and draw near to Teyiah until she feels your protection over her." Isiah 54:17 But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the LORD; their vindication will come from me. I, the LORD, have spoken!

Kk sorry I.meant blank wall not black wall

Wow those dreams are dreams that no one should ever have.. well in my culture night mares like these occur a lot I'm 19 and i seen many thing others will never believe so i hope this helps you ok. First off I dont no if this happens if you sleep in the same spot you do but if you are try sleeping in another spot like for example move your bed to were your feet faces only a black wall, make sure you never sleep with your feet pointing to a door, window, or closet.. this one may sound a little weird and crazy but I hope you can understand and trust me, sleep with a knife or something silver with a sharp pointed end, dreams are affected by your emotions so with the knife under your pillow you would have a little confidence to sleep because you have something to protect you. Third is to have a teddy bear or a doll ( something you trust love and tell secrets to) and have it at the top of your head or you caj just simple ask your sister/brother to sleep with you.... I know these things sound weird to you and may seem stupid but in my culture which is shamonlism/buddah, we are really religous and superstitious. We see things many people don't believe and dreams like this like what your having is bad..I hope these things work if not I would like to help ok miss