For the past two nights I've had a very peculiar dream that I can't stop thinking about.

It starts off and I'm in a strange house but I can tell that I've been here previously. I am on the phone with someone.. a male. He sounds to be white . And I'm talking about meeting him for something. Then all of a sudden I'm in a house that I went to once for a Halloween party and there is a woman there. An older woman maybe 38 or so, she is sitting very close beside me on the sofa and we're talking in very low voices. I think she wanted to hook up with me but I keep telling her I have to go meet a friend really soon. She complains and caresses my body but I push her away and stand up. I get to the door and I say "I'll be back" and then I'm walking in the cold a long a dark highway, but I can see city lights up ahead so I speed up. I finally come to the crest of the hill and there is a few restaurants , gas stations. Looks basically like a freeway truckstop and I wonder why he chose here but I continue walking . I turn into a well lit gas station with a McDonald's attached to the side. Then I see his car, a black Mazda from what I can tell and I hurry into the passenger side. The interior of the car is colder than outside and I shiver involuntarily, thinking to myself this guy must be off his rocker. Then he hands me something low and in the light from the gas pumps I can see it's a blister pack of syringes much like youd see in insulin use but instead of the biohazard orange these are a turquoise blue. And they are filled already with a strange clearish liquid. He says its a new purer form of heroin. I was about to ask a question when he pulled out a tourniquet and bound it around just above his elbow and pulled out his own weird syringe and injected the whole load. I sat there baffled.. I'd never shot up before although I've been told I should due to my prominent vein lines. I thought this as I scanned over my hands and arms looking at the faint blue lines, wondering what it felt like to have such a potent drug coarsing through them. Then he must have sensed my uneasiness and shoved a cup toward me and said here "here drink this, it's the same as in the syringes just a little diluted with water " I took a sip and it was HEAVENLY it tasted like the sweetest nectar from the most beautiful fruit from Greece.. I drank it quick, eagerly even. He chuckled and nodded for me to get out. I obliged but turned as I was leaving and ask "when should it hit" and he laughed again a deep throaty sound... then I realized why... I felt it. It was spreading from my toes, crawling up my legs into my thighs and pelvis making me feel like I was in a tanning bed. The warmth was overwhelming but not uncomfortable. Just then I felt, I HEARD my eyes dilate and at once my surroundings became luminescent. And before I was ever lost in my new found world I remember thinking...

Where has this been all my life.
Then I wake up.
kshix kshix
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Weird dream. A man just called you over to give you free drugs; and the part with the 38 year old random lol.