Small Game Hunting

Hunting small game can get sticky I’ve got a mouse to kill And his name is Mickey Like a plague he’s everywhere Malls, movies, shirts, shorts, sheets And on the heads of his followers Rodents in London killed with filth Mickey kills with cleanliness A surgeon with white gloves He cuts away the viscera Pain, joy, fear, leaving the veneer alone In his world, in his land Everyone is happy all the time Sadness is a crime In his land, in his world Toothless hags have dentures Dragons cheat at whist Bittersweet stories of darkness and light Lie empty and flat on the wall America grew nauseous Sickened by its diet of Pap predigested by a household pest I got the contract to rub the vermin out Hunting small game can get sticky I’ve got a mouse to kill And his name is Mickey
ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
8 Responses Aug 6, 2007

Hi Brut! Do you know the cartoonist Ros Chast? She is the best. She once had a cartoon about about "The Camp Of Mandatory Fun." Your mouse-town comment reminded me. As to you Mr. Bro - you may very well have summarized the EP experience - there's a lot to smile about in them thar digital hills. Rabazibby.

I'm smiling for free after reading that, yay for free endorphins and dopamine

The occurence of Disneyland only proves all of the reasons no one has to smile....if we need a place that costs to make us smile, it isn't worth paying for....<br />
Uderstood, El.

Hey - could have been a lot worse. Could have been Count Chocula.

It hasn't caught him yet,he says he runs to fast and it runs into things. To be continued when it does.

Wonder what Dr. Freud would make of these deep-seated fears. Sorry about how it reads, it's actually a poem but it displayed in paragraph form. I'll take that mousetrap! That cute giggle doesn't fool me! As to the evil box of Apple Jacks - that's too great - I can't improve on that. When it catches him, is he drowned in milk?

That's pretty funny, hey a friend of mine always dreams about a box of apple jacks cereal chasing and trying to kill them, maybe you two should talk. lol

LOL...confusing to read but that was funny!<br />
here, you can borrow my mousetrap in your anti-mickey quest.