Strange Dream!

So two nights ago I had this very vivid dream about being almost kidnapped and then somethig about being shifters and stuff.... Then it switched to me being put out into the wild, human form, with this girl who in my dreams that has a name but I can't remember now. Anways while we are hiking to who knows where, it seemed really important at the time, we met up with these two guys who are also shifters. One is a really tall guy who I found out last night was a bear shifter and the other one was smaller and I think he was either a rat or a spider. Anyways after walking awhile I start talking to the bear guy, he's really nice and he tells me his name, I swear it starts with a Q or something near that. Then I wake up.

This last night I dreamt again but I was in a different place with all of these other shifters, in human form, but I couldn't find my other three people and this person told me to focus around me and then I could locate them. I tried what he said and then somehow I knew which creature everyone was. I finally found some one who was a bear and I ran over to him and we hugged.

Now that I think about it I wonder why I didn't try to find the other two.
I just was wondering if you guys had any idea why I was dreaming this.
Jaher Jaher
13-15, F
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Dear Jaher, these animals seem to symbolize aspects of your own personality that you should embrace ("this person told me to focus around me and then I could locate them"). In the end you hugged someone who was a bear, which suggests assimilating the trait the bear was representing (possibly your still unconscious feisty side, the "warrioress" in you) into your conscious personality. Over time, you will detect the other missing aspects and assimilate them too. :)