What Is My Dream Trying To Tell Me?

I have this recurring dream at least once a month, sometimes more often. In the dream I'm either in my old house or the house I'm living in now and I'm walking around and I start discovering new rooms in the house. Once I discover one it sort of just keeps going on and on. I'm usually very surprised and amused by all of the different rooms I find, and some of them are filled with things I love. For example last night I dreamt that I found a huge bathroom in my house and the next door led me into this room full of guitars and old records on the walls, in the dream I assumed that all of this stuff belonged to the previous owners.

What does this mean?!
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

thats actually really good it means ur in a good spiritual phase ur spirit is clean of sin more or less thats what i think anyway. i havent had dreams like that in a while >.

I often have the same themed dreams. I also dream about discovering new rooms and hallways in my house or the house I grew up in. Some of the rooms are really cool and decorated pink and frilly like a little girls room. One room had all hello kitty stuff- whitch I LOVED! Some of the rooms have huge walk-in closets with tons of amazing clothes with the tags on them. I am often sad and disappointed when I awake and realize that it was just a dream.

This dream is probably telling you that you are not acknowledging all the wonderful things or resources you have in your life or wonderful qualities and talents you have as person. Sonce you are seeing your old house sometimes so past could also be connected to what/who has gone acknowledged

What you can do to understand wht this dream is repeatedly trying to tell you:
Buy a notebook, something which looks good. You could also decorate it yourself
Relax yourself for a few minutes, the idea is to slow down your thoughts
Write gratitude for everything you have in your life right from your childhood
Write gratitude for everyone you have in your life right from your childhood
Write all good qualities about yourself

As you do this often you start remembering some really good things start coming to your memory which were hidden because of hurtuf things which would have happened at the same time or connected with the same person who might have hurt or angered you.
As you pay attention to good things about yourself you realise even more good things about yourself which you had forgotten about or never taken notice of

As you learn about all these things you will notice that the dream will stop