What The Phuck Happened To My Hair Dye?

I don't know what this says about me, as a person, and, honestly, I'm too upset for a psychological/philosophical debate right now..BUT since I cannot find my usual red hair dye, it's like my confidence went down 20 points, or something.
I used Schwarzkopf, the "especially for dark hair" dye, that colored my natural dark brown hair into a bright copper red..and then, 4 months ago..it disappeared off the face of the Earth.
I don't get it..did they stop producing it? Does anybody know anything I don't?

I checked in virtually every supermarket, every little store, everywhere and it's friggin gone. I had been using it to color my hair since I turned 21..so nearly 2 years, once every 6 to 8 weeks, and I was friggin happy!
Now for the past 4 months, i used the usual crap, once from Garnier, and today, from Schwarzkopf, BUT it's not "especially for dark hair", so obviously, it did not lighten my hair properly. It turned this dark brown that looks reddish in the sun...but it's nowhere near the vibrant red I used to have last summer, for instance.

Now I feel I was an idiot for telling a few girls what hair dye I used, when they stopped down the street to ask me about it...it's like everywhere I look now, there are redheads. I can't help thinking mean things like "what the heck are you using that hair dye for, anyway? It doesn't even look good on you" ugh.

Bottom-line is, I'm downright livid...does anybody know a good hair dye that covers naturally dark hair, without going to a pro?
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1 Response May 16, 2012

L'oreal Hicolor is red especially for dark hair c: Hope I helped!!