I'm a redhead. I've had red hair my whole life. My Mom has red hair. My dad brother, and a a sister who lied and died before I was born have black hair. My grandparents had black hair. They had five children with red hair. I have n interesting shade of red. It's dark with lighter streaks of redish gold. I'm not a stereotypical red-head (Thank the great monkey in the sky for that) I don't have the stereotypical skinny freckled body, and Bright orange hair. I'm glad. I have a few freckles over my nose and thats it. :) and BTW anyone who wants to call me carrot top, WTF? Carrot tops are green, and when you take off the green it's dirty orange. Unless you want to say I have a top like carrots. Or maybe you are comparing me with the annoying comedian carrot top. (I used to have hair exactly like his, until recently I chemically straightened it) anyway, it's an annoying name, so STFU about it. thanx.
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i hate the nickame ginger

I would guess these comments were made by blonde or brunette women who felt they couldn't compete with you, or else men who felt inadequate to the challenge.<br />
There is nothing l find as amusing as the way women will viperously run a redhead down and then scurry off to have a facial.<br />
They know the truth.<br />
If you decided you wanted their man they would lose. If they decided they wanted your man they would be laughed at. And they know it. :)

I have extremely fair skin. My grandmother had red hair. My brother was born with red hair. Why wasn't I? Sorry, red with envy!

I had red hair when I was a teen. Both my kids had red hair when they were born till about 2 years old. Red hair is rare, there are not really that many redheads in the world when you compare the numbers to blond and brunette. You are unique and be proud I think redheads are better than the rest of us anyways.