I will say this with a heavy heart.  I am not a redhead by nature.  I was born blonde and that is how I remain.  However, I've always longed for red hair.  Especially when I first saw a picture of Tori Amos.  Then it continued when I saw Titanic.  I just wanted that red hair so bad.

So I'm sitting here now doing one of my 6 yearly dye jobs to ensure that my hair stays bright red.  Because that's who I want to be.

theophania theophania
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I love Tori Amos. Such a beautiful, talented woman :D

Try Henna - Body art quality henna will do wonders and is much better for your hair/scalp than all those chemical dyes. Looks like you grew your red hair yourself too instead of the all too obvious 'dyed red'

LOL, Theophania, that is awesome you said that youd ungergo genetic mutation :) I just recently became a redhead. Also a natural blonde but have been dying my hair black on and off for 10years, thought I could use a change cuz lets face it, not only are redheads hot and rare but you have to have just the right skin tone to pull it off. 6 yearly dye jobs? When you first went red, did you have to go in more often to get it dyed? I got mine two weeks ago and I'm already itching to get it dyed again!! Such high maintance lol. GingerHead apparently did not read your entire story or she must have selective reading. Who cares if you weren't born a redhead, thats what dye is for! I kept my hair black, so on my license it said I have black hair, not blonde.

lol. you're not a redhead though because you but dye in it. you are what you are. i wouldn't be black if i but semi-black skin dye on my skin lol. just like michael jackson wasn't white.

I am also a fiery redheaded soul, who is a natural mousy brown.