It's been 6 weeks since I tripped and was stepped on, and yesterday the dr. told me after looking I have RSD in my right foot. Being a runner my whole life I thought the last 6 weeks was torture but to find out just how severe this stupid injury was is devistating. Hopefully because we caught it early enough I can come through this but if anyone has any helpful tips please let me know! Looking for some hope.
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Hopefully you have gone to a specialist like a podiatrist to look a bit deeper into your condition. Sadly many family practice physicians will take the leap a bit too soon and label people with The diagnoses of RSD if they are just stumped as to what to do. Hopefully you got multiple XRays of your foot and had them looked at by a podiatrist as well. Lastly if those are completely normal, you may want to have your doc do a small fiber nerve density skin test in order to see if there is damage to the small nerves of your foot. Fortunately those nerves can heal fairly quickly if treated properly. Treatments such as electro stem therapy and medical foods like MetaNx seem to aid in repairing the small fiber nerves. Hope that is of help

My wife had the disorder from a hand cut. I studied all I could about it. We then started<br />
Hyperbaric theropy, a total of 30+ "dives", it worked. It did not start to work until the 10-15th dive.