I Have Regrets Everyday!

Well how exactly can I say this, some people have regrets over big things. Some people have regrets about things that haven't happend. And believe me I have those regrets to. But everyday I worry if I'll find a soul mate, I worry if I'll ever get through high school and make something of my self. I even worry about things that have already happend. And probably should be over now. I know I have found a great guy, but the truth is, that's also a worry I can't get over. Like I said on my Zachary post.... I love him to DEATH, but I don't know if I know enough about him, to know me and him is true. I mean, I know that he makes me laugh when I am just totally sad, he even makes things up on the phone that make me want to see him right then. And I love them things. But I don't know every single thing about him. So how do I know if It's meant to be or not. He keeps telling me, he will see me..... that's why I say maybe I can be on the bacherlorette how if It don't work out. I just hope it does... because this is exactly what he tells me, I ask him if there was this most gorgous girl to ask him out and, I wasn't datin him, would he turn her down and this is exactly what he said "Yes even then. But Ive already got her. So that cant happen". Thats what he said. I guess I should try to make this work. But I really don't know if this will go good. I also have so many worries about my cuz and his mom's boyfriend. Because they fight all the time. And his mom's boyfriend always goes behind everyones back just to make fun of my cuzin. The face is, Ive got so much to deal with, yet I deal with it. And don't go crazy. I hope I can still get through it and not go crazy. Does any one have any advice?
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Jun 23, 2010