I Made A Lot Of Wrong Decisions...

I'm not in a very safe position right now, I'm not very happy. It's all down to mistakes i made in the past, which i regret so much. I wish i could rewind time and set things right. Just one more chance. 

I totally neglected my studies and now I'm not very sure about my future. I failed my final year of college, Thrice and i secured horrible marks and barely passed after 5 attempts. I couldn't get a seat in a good college, as a result, I'm doing a small time degree course. I look back now and think "Why did i ignore what my parents said to me all the time?". There's a reason they told me then but i kept ignoring. Everything they warned me about falls into place now. Just why couldn't i have listened to them?. There's still hope left, but this hope i can't seem to hold on to. It's so hard. I know that all is not lost and i can make my way back up again but it's so hard to convince myself. 

There's another bigger regret i have, I developed some "unhealthy" habits now and it's taken it's toll on my body. It seems i always realize just too late. It was a minor problem which has come back to haunt me now.

All i can say is, Never neglect life and take it for granted. I'm not old enough to give anybody advice but i realize now and i'm kicking myself all the time.  
coldinter coldinter
18-21, M
Jan 15, 2011