Tumblr :(

I regret deleting my Tumblr account. The blog I had was perfect, people knew about that blog. People were seinding me messages every day, they needed some advice and they knew I am there for them. But one day when I was sick of everything and I wanted to die, I wrote a post going something like this: "Goodbye my dear friends, goodbye cruel world. I am too weak to stay and fight again. I can't do this anymore. Sorry for letting you down.."
And i deleted my account.
thepianogirl thepianogirl
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5 Responses Jan 8, 2013

WOW it seems that U have overcum whatever it was that caused U 2 post such A morbid statement & I'mGlad U did . So what were U going through in U't young life that caused U 2 do that ??

I'm so glad you recovered from that. Because I'll admit that my day gets brighter whenever I log in and see friends like you logged in as well. Hope you're having a great day!!

Bless your heart, darlin; we all do things in the heat of a moment that we later regret. You can create a new Tumblr account and invite the folks who know you from your previous account, if you wish. :)

I encourage my children to follow their hearts if their heart is pure. I think you are fitting in quite nicely here. Keep smiling Lil one.

comeon sweery,pliz join tumblr again,i joined in today,i think it's great,am loving it..