Two Loves, Two Endings

There are only two things as of yet that I have regretted and that I always will; my first is that of my best friend and my first crush and lover, I was young and a coward and how I had loved her, all them years...if I had just told her sooner, how I had felt...maybe we wouldn't have lost one another, maybe she wouldn't have changed much. Secondly, in February 2004, my father received a call from my grandfather, his father-in-law, that he was having a heart attack - he had had them before and as you can expect my grandfather was taken to hospital. As family goes there was only one such person I was as close to as my parents and sister. It was constant pain and worry until it March...I was too young to understand fully...and it was only years later that it finally hit me how guilty and saddened I felt. 1.) I regret having not cherished the time I had had with my grandfather, I loved him and I still do and how I miss him...
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18-21, M
Jan 19, 2013