One Huge Regret!

My biggest regret is the day that i met a group of cops and i decided to be friends wit them. i figured that since they are cops it would be kool to hangout wit them. well i met them first semester my freshman yr at college, i was 19. well It was always my girlfriend, me and them. They are 4 brothers. 3 of them are cops and one is in school to be a cop. He is the youngest and we got along great. They were always at our apartment. If we werent at their house they were at ours. Well one nite it was one of their bdays and we decided to get drunk at my apartment. Well they all drank except the youngest which was the one that still school. He is the one i got along wit great. Well from that nite  i dont remember nothin but one phrase i kept saying and that was "no stop no" i was sore i woke up wit no bra. . so i decided to ask the one of them and i asked the one i got  along wit the most which was the sober one. he said we had SEX!!!!  i was like OMG!! i frreaked out and started cryin and yellin at him why he did that to me if he knew i was a virgin i had  told him before. He knew how i felt about that and how i wanted my first time to be special . He knew that even tho i was 19 i  wasn't ready to have sex. that was the last time i talked to him . It was hurtful i cried myself to sleep every nite. Until i met my ex bf he made me forget about that bad experience.

SweetLaydee SweetLaydee
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Men are dogs. You get drunk and ask us to do you and we will 99.9% of the time. Especially cops.