Messed Up Love :( ?

Almost every day i think about killing myself , my partner makes me emotionally hurt so bad that i keep thinking of the most easiest , quickest and less painful way of killing myself , i'm so scared for my sons and my family that he may push me that much too far that i'll do it , i have tried it before and got so close to dying that it just seems so easy to do again . My partner's so good to me and our son's but when we argue it just gets too much for me , i don't think he realizes what he says to me really does affect me so bad , i don't know what to do , i love him so much and i know he loves me but he hurts me so badly , so badly that death seems so good :( i just want to die so it's all over ... Thinking about my kids and my family is the only thing stopping me ... i don't know what to do :(
loudshylady loudshylady
Dec 7, 2012