What Are The Odds?

Every time I start to get close to a girl, they back off. Call me insane, but this is not the first time it happened. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I am always nice to them and make them feel comfortable.

There is this girl in my school, we are both into each other (this one is certain). Then when I ask her to a event, she said "Im visting my grandma." Then we never talked every since.

Then today the same thing happened again with another girl. we were not as close as the first one, but I could tell there is something between us. Then, when i try to get close by inviting her to a concert, she suddenly backs out with an excuse "Im gonna be at my grandmas." Which we all know is a lie, because she has a presentation the day after the concert, and her grandma is literally 12 hours flights away. (little more detail: I asked the same question yesterday, and she said yes)

I mean, do all girls use this excuse to tell us that they are not interested or it was just an coincident.
sadf2343 sadf2343
Dec 13, 2012