Fed Up...where To Begin

My bf and I have been dating for roughly 6 months, emphasis on roughly. I can't blame him for everything but a lot of our problems are due to his insecurities. Currently, he has an issue because I'm friends with a guy I dated 4 years ago. But when I tell him, it's not like anything inappropriate is going on (unlike the messages he receives from his twittersluts) it doesn't matter. I guess in his mind he thinks I will cheat because all of his exes cheated on him. But that should be a major clue to him to change HIS behavior, not the other way around. I cook, I clean (his apartment), and to top it off, I'm very attractive. What more can a guy ask for? I even treated him to lunch today and he acted a total ***! He didn't want to hold my hand (or act like he was my date) and he wouldnt talk to me while we were in the restaurant. I kept asking whats wrong and he replied nothing. Then, we started talking about which movie we want to see and he flips out and tells me to watch the movie I want to see with my friend. WTH. What does he have to do with anything?! I understand my bf is extremely insecure, but I cannot deal with someone who acts out out of nowhere and refuses to talk or let me help in anyway. The truth of the matter is if someone will cheat, they will cheat. And constantly accusing someone doesn't help the situation (even though there isn't one).
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Okay so his ex's have cheated on him in the past. That will certainly not help him. By the sounds of things i think he's lost all trust in love, not due to you, due to his past relationships. One solution, talk to him. Tell him straight, you love him not this 'friend'. Nothing worse than him not willing to hold your hand. Show's his trust is fading. However, put yourself in his shoes. Imagine he had a friend (which was his ex a few years back). Imagine how you would feel? Always put yourself into the other person's shoes. What would you do in that situation? Your relationship sounds tricky, but this friend is in the way. Who is more important? Say to him that you'll never cheat on him, show him your love!! This friend.. may be need to disapear until your relationship becomes strong again! Hope everything works out for you.