Why Are Some Boys Just Rude

I have been dating this guy for almost a year and a half now. I have gone through catching him talking to younger girls on fb through text he use to bounce at a bar so god only knows what else has happened. Tonight at the gym i found out that he work hours would be second shift I was told by him that i couldn't go to the gym no more cause he would no longer be there but he would be going at 130am I slipped the f u and walked away I later went up to him asking how was that fair he told me to go away. I grabbed my phone to text a gym friend who's a girl and asked if she was coming when I put it down he came from behind went through it would kot give it back he later called me a ***** across the gym with people there and said f u I know u have been cheating I left embarassed upset and sad be later sent me a texf saying i screwed up and he wasnt sorry . He acts like this 4 times a week doesn't hold hands cuddle or call goodnight so is he just not into me or is it a control issue. I have lost all my friends aome family they don't like him. Help
sweetncgirl sweetncgirl
May 8, 2012